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Anthropocene Korea X Brazil 2019-2021

인류세 한국 X 브라질 2019-2021

Ilmin Museum of Art
152 Sejongdaero, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울시 종로구 세종대로 152
4 Jan 2021 - 28 Feb 2021
ONLINE SHOW The collection of artworks and audiovisual documents put together by Associação Cultural Videobrasil over the course of three decades of research and curated selections forms the basis for the Videobrasil Online initiative, which aims to increase and facilitate access to contemporary art productions in the Global South. Each month, a new program will revisit different artworks and explore the relationships between them, while also presenting artist profiles and new curating frameworks along three different fronts: Artists, a selection of works which best represent the artistic trajectory of featured artists; Curatorships, with works selected and organized by guest curators; and Docs, featuring documentaries on contemporary art. Click on the links to access a trove of additional written and audiovisual content about artists and artworks. The dystopian world that the Anthropocene will bequeath to the future is a crucial focal point for contemporary South Korean artists. Anthropocene: Korea x Brazil 2019-2021 brings the best of this production to Videobrasil Online. Throughout January, the website features a selection of artworks by six major Korean video and film artists, organized by Juhyun Cho, head curator of the Ilmin Museum of Art, in Seoul. In February, it hosts a solo exhibition of works by artist Ayoung Kim, who represented Korea at the 56th Venice Biennale. An associate researcher at the Center for Anthropocene Studies, KAIST, Juhyun Cho takes a special interest in the relationship between art and new media, as well as issues related to the reconstitution of modernity and history. She has curated exhibitions such as do it 2017, Seoul and Flip Book: The Revolutionary Animations of the 21st Century (2018). In Anthropocene, Cho brings together animations, installations, and videos that investigate the clash between the futures envisioned by science, technology, and capitalism, and the future as it actually presents itself. The crises of modern civilization and of the global ecosystem serve as subtexts in the works of Hayoun Kwon, Sanghee Song, Eunji Cho, Jeamin Cha, Minjung Song, and Ji Hye Yeom, which tell stories of love and vengeance between humans and nature, explore the frontiers of physical experience, and expose the violent acts which strip all that is untamable of any possible meaning. According to the curator’s statement, “these artists work on the boundary that distinguishes between normality and abnormality through various forms of documentary-based works.” Anthropocene: Korea x Brazil 2019-2021 is a collaborative project by Associação Cultural Videobrasil and Ilmin Museum of Art, in Seoul, in partnership with ARKO Fund (Arts Council Korea). It celebrates 60 years of diplomatic relations between Brazil and South Korea. The project started out with an exhibition held in 2019 at the Ilmin Museum of Art, with works by Brazilian and South Korean artists, curated by Juhyun Cho with the collaboration of Solange Farkas. A second exhibition, scheduled to happen in Brazil in 2020, was adapted for online viewing due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and is now featured at Videobrasil Online.
일민미술관과 브라질 상파울루 비데오브라질(Associação Cultural Videobrasil)의 국제교류 프로젝트 《Dear Amazon: ANTHROPOCENE Korea X Brazil 2019-2021》은 서구 중심적으로 발전되어 온 인류세 담론을 현지화하여 지역 중심의 새로운 역사적 내러티브를 상상하기 위해 2019년 시작되었습니다. ​일민미술관에서 열렸던 첫 번째 전시 《디어아마존: 인류세 2019》에서 현재 전 지구가 처한 극심한 생태, 정치적 갈등과 대립을 대표적으로 은유하는 인류세 현장으로 아마존에 집중했다면, 두 번째 전시는 인류세의 현장으로 한국을 주목합니다. 팬데믹으로 인한 전세계적 위기를 경험한 2020년, 비데오브라질의 디렉터 솔란지 파르카스(Solange Farkas)는 새롭게 런칭한 디지털 전시 플랫폼 videobrasil.online에 한국의 큐레이터와 작가들을 초청하고 한국의 인류세적 풍경을 다루는 작업들을 소개합니다. 온라인 스크리닝으로 기획된 이번 전시는 1부 (2021.1.4 ~ 2021.1.31), 2부 (2021.2.1 ~2021.2.28), 3부 주브라질한국문화원 미디어 전시(2021.2.15 ~ 2021.2.28)로 구성됩니다. 1부 Invited Curator : 조주현 (아티스트 : 권하윤, 송민정, 송상희, 염지혜, 조은지, 차재민) ​2부 Invited Artist : 김아영 (기획 : Solange Farkas) ​1부 (큐레이터: 조주현)에서는 다큐멘터리 기반의 다양한 형식으로 작업해온 6인의 한국 영상작가(권하윤, 송민정, 송상희, 염지혜, 조은지, 차재민)가 참여해 한국의 근대 산업화, 분단, 도시개발 등의 인류세 현장을 추적하고, 자본주의적 경로 바깥은 풍경과 소외된 타자들의 다차원적 연대와 관계의 전환 가능성을 살피며, 2 부 (아티스트: 김아영)은 비데오브라질 디렉터 솔란지 파르카스(Solange Farkas)가 기획하여 작가의 주요작품 스크리닝과 브라질 예술계의 비평작업을 모색합니다.
Source: ​일민미술관/Ilmin Museum of Art
Source: ​일민미술관/Ilmin Museum of Art
Source: ​일민미술관/Ilmin Museum of Art
Source: ​일민미술관/Ilmin Museum of Art