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Director Hong Sang Soo 홍상수

Emu Art Space
에무 시네마
7 Gyeonghuigung 1ga-gil, Sinmunno 2(i)-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울 종로구 경희궁1가길 7
27 May 2021 - 18 Aug 2021
Korean English
Youngho is summoned by his father, who is a doctor. Finding him busy with his patients, one of whom is a famous actor, Youngho has to wait. When his girlfriend Juwon moves to Berlin for her studies, Youngho shows up in the city to surprise her. Through her mother, Juwon has found accommodation at the home of an artist whose beauty intimidates her. Some time later, Youngho goes to lunch with his mother who wants to introduce him to a colleague – it is the same man Youngho met at his father’s clinic. Youngho asks his friend Jeongsoo to accompany him, and after lunch they go to the beach. Youngho falls asleep, and dreams of Juwon. When he wakes up, he braves the considerable cold and goes swimming, while Jeongsoo watches. For the second year in a row, Hong Sangsoo returns to the Berlinale’s Competition with a film akin to the art of the aphorism: a poetic, philosophical gem. Two mothers attempt to introduce their children to life, but their offspring have decided to write their own introduction. That’s life, and, like all masters imbued with wisdom and wit, Hong appears to be speaking through the old actor when the latter tells Youngho, “However small, there’s nothing but good!”
Source: Berlinale
1. 아들은 아버지가 불러서 한의원을 찾았다 도착했을 때 아버지는 환자들 때문에 바빴고 아들은 하루 종일을 기다려야 했다 2. 딸은 독일로 패션디자인을 공부하러 갔다 어머니는 독일에 사는 옛 친구의 집에 딸이 묵게 하려고 같이 동행했다 친구 집에 묵게 된다면 방세를 절약할 수 있을 것이다 3. 아들은 어머니가 갑자기 불러서 동해안의 횟집으로 찾아갔다 어머니는 나이 든 남자배우와 함께 있었다 그 배우는 오랜 전에 아버지의 한의원을 찾아갔을 때 만난 적 있는 사람이었다
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